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I've Hit Rock Bottom. What now? With Romina Muhametaj.

Episode Summary

Sales expert and podcaster, Romina Muhametaj moved from Albania to the USA at 17. After a couple of years, she found herself a recovering alcoholic, divorced and broke. How did she turn her life around? We explore how to rebuild your life in a foreign context after hitting rock bottom by making the right decisions through 1) applying sales negotiation skills, 2) balancing stubbornness with practicality, and 3) helping others.

Episode Notes

Scene 1: Broken Dreams [03:27]

Romina explains why her American Dream initially crumbled and how she escaped a toxic marriage and alcoholism.

Scene 2: Picking up the pieces through HOPE [19:05]

By applying a positive mindset and HOPE - Help One Person Everyday - she started her own Marketing and PR agency Six 7 Radius and podcast. She shares:

Scene 3:  Be the Best Loser Possible [36:32]

We discuss how sales techniques can help you keep focused on what you want to achieve and how to balance stubbornnes with practicality.

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