Creators Abroad

Journey 042 - Shake off the shackles of being sorry. With Megan Johnson.

Episode Summary

You have two choices: 1) Apologise for what you do and say, or 2) Be yourself, boldly, openly, uniquely. Which do you choose? Conflicted by her Christian surroundings and experiencing the desire to break away, life coach, Megan Colleen Johnson learned that trying to fit in and apologising for what made her different, stole her creativity and purpose in life. Her story is about how we can avoid cookie cutter molds and live a life of rediscovered magic.

Episode Notes

Scene 1: I'm sorry [04:51]

We discuss Megan's decision to break away from her Christian upbringing, the consequences of her decision and how it freed her to explore life's nuances beyond black and white, right and wrong.

Scene 2: I'm not sorry [18:38]

Quitting a traditional 9-5 job, allowed Megan to also explore what she really wanted to do in life. We discuss why we:

Scene 3:  What do you want to reclaim? [32:08]

What role does social media - likes and follows - play in our need to please others? As well as touching on some modern day issues that hold us back, Megan gives us practical ways of being proudly us and letting a new ripple of magic into our lives.

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