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Journey 017 - Cacao Brew: Jazzing Up Hot Drinks Fashion

Episode Summary

Tea and coffee have been around for centuries as staple drinks in our homes. A third option has recently cropped up: Cacao Brew. Established in 2019 and featured as part of British Vogue's hot list, Cacao Brew, is stirring up hot drinks fashion. Newcastle-based founder, Jazmin Adams, reveals the origins of the idea, and talks about superfood revolutions and brand development.

Episode Notes

Part 1: Dark. Delicious. Alternative. (2:40)

Cacao Brew did not start as a business concept. It started with the love of dark chocolate and as a brewing experiment. Jazmin takes us back to the very beginning of the idea.

Key Questions

Q2: What is Cacao Brew? (3:14)

Q3:  Can you take us back to the beginning, to the very moment the idea crossed your mind? (6:50)

Q4: What did you envision for your life when you went to university and how has that subsequently changed? (11:25)

Part 2: ‘Life Happens. Chocolate Helps.’ In any shape, size and form. (12:28)

Jazmin talks in more detail about the product and the early stages of brand development.

Q5: Can you expand more on the benefits (of this particular form of ‘chocolate’ and the different ways in which you can use it? (13:10)

Q6: What were the different stages of establishing Cacao Brew and gaining customers, including any challenges you might have experienced? (17:00)

Q8:  Did you experience this period of lockdown as being significantly different in terms of sales and how you thought about business? (23:30)

Part 3: Starting a Superfood Revolution  (25:12)

Most of us think twice before we try something new. Yet, as a new product, Cacao Brew offers some incredible health benefits, is amazingly versatile and tasty too. 

Q9: What is your take on the concept of superfoods? (26:44)

Q10: Do you think there is a possibility of normalising the concept of superfoods and changing the way we think about what is ‘tasty’? Do you think it is necessary? (28:08)

To see what Cacao Brew offers and order your own bag of luxury brewing cacao, visit their website:

You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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