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Battling to Fit in - Why Creative Rebellion leads to Success

Episode Summary

“Everything you can imagine is real.” How do Picasso's words apply to our professional lives? Robert A. Belle, creative champion and award-winning accountant, explains why being rebellious at work (i.e. suggesting radical new ideas) can reinvigorate your career and set you on a path to genuine recognition. Learn 1) why we want to fit in, 2) why creative rebellion should can be a service (not an indulgence), and, 3) maintaining a healthy lifestyle as a creative.

Episode Notes

Scene 1: The Battle to Fit In [03:00]

Born in Kenya, Robert moved to the Caribbean island of Antigua and then back to Kenya, where he now embraces the 'crazy life'. We discuss:

Scene 2: Creative Rebellions [24:08]

Robert delves into questions of:

Scene 3: Resisting our Comfort Zone  [43:17]

How do we know when it is beneficial to stay within our comfort zone and when it is time to push beyond it?

Robert also shares wellness tips in order to keep our creativity burning without burning ourselves out.

Listen to his TED talk: "The  emotions behind your money habits".

Check out his book, Blow the Lid off - Reclaim your Stolen Creativity and Increase your Income

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